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July 20, 2008



Unfortunately, I ran into this same set of problems while attempting to upgrade my iPod Touch from 2.0 to 2.01. The upgrade failed, forcing a complete install from recovery mode. Then (as you mentioned above) the restore failed because "iTunes could not restore [your] iPod Touch because the backup was corrupt". I had to start over from scratch. My previously loaded apps were (mostly) re-loaded, but I lost all of my settings, email accounts, safari bookmarks, etc. :-(

Are we supposed to trust that "Backup" is now working correctly in 2.01?

I guess time will tell if the App Store (and loaded apps) are any more stable now with the 2.01 software (since my device had logged nearly a hundred crashes and kernel panics since first installing the 2.0 software)...

Jason The Saj

Yes, I've had a very similar experience...

Perhaps I should write blog on "How Apple ruined my Labor Day Weekend!"


If anyone knows the next time Steve Jobs is making a public appearance in Pennsylvani...please let me know. I want to be there...pie in hand!

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